General Information


European Hansemuseum Lübeck,
An der Untertrave 1 | 23552 Lübeck

University of Music Lübeck,
Große Petersgrube 21 | 23552 Lübeck

further locations will be announced

16 – 19 September 2024
Start on Monday, 16 September, 3.30 p.m.
End on Thursday, 19 September, 8 p.m.

The course fee is 150 €.
Costs for travel, accommodation (youth hostel, hotel, etc.) and meals are to be covered by the participants.

We have booked accommodation for you in 2 – 4-bed-rooms (no single rooms) incl. breakfast at the youth hostel DJH Lübeck-Altstadt from 16 September (arrival) to 20 September (departure). The total cost for the 4 nights and breakfast is 132 €. Please plan lunch and dinner individually.

If you want to register for the youth hostel, please do so in the application form. If you will be invited to the course, this will be considered binding. Subsequent registrations may not be accepted due to the limited allotment.

Ensemble scores
The ensembles will be formed after we have selected the participants. You will receive the sheet music in due time.

The course simultaneously functions as selection procedure for the participation in the concerts of the European Hanseatic Ensemble the following year.


Application deadline
Complete the online application form and send the audio material until 15 April 2024 (via WeTransfer or Dropbox to our office:

Number of participants
The number of participants in the masterclasses will be limited to 7 per class.

Age restriction
The course is aimed at young musicians who will be under the age of 32 in September 2024.

The teachers will decide on your participation in the course based on the evaluation of the provided audio/video files.

All applicants will be informed about possible participation by 31 May 2024 at the latest. If you are selected, we kindly request that you pay the course fee by 30 June 2024. Upon receipt of the fee (bank details will be provided later), your registration will be considered finalised and binding.

If the course fee is not received by 30 June 2024, we reserve the right to offer your place to another applicant.

Pieces for the masterclass and audio/video files
Please state in your application which two pieces of European music from the 16th or 17th century you will be preparing for both of your individual lessons. The audio/video files and the pieces for the masterclass do not have to be identical and do not need to have any connection to the Hanseatic cities but they should be from the Renaissance and/or the early Baroque period (no Händel, Bach, Vivaldi, etc.). Please note that at the masterclass the keyboard instruments will be tuned in meantone temperament (¼-comma), so some keys cannot be played. Tones such as A sharp or D flat are not available.
You can find more important information about the audio/video files here.

European Hanseatic Ensemble

The teachers of the masterclasses 2023 will select around 15 participants who will form the European Hanseatic Ensemble and will tour Hanseatic cities in the summer of 2024 under the artistic direction of Manfred Cordes.

If you are selected to be part of the European Hanseatic Ensemble 2024, your course fee will be refunded. Rehearsal time and concert days will be remunerated at a daily rate. Travel and accommodation costs will be covered.

The rehearsal period and concert tour will take place in the summer of 2024. The exact dates will be announced in late 2023.

The specific concert programme for 2024 will be adapted to the structure of the ensemble and thus will be developed after the selection of the ensemble members. The goal is a balanced distribution of singers, string, wind and continuo players which will allow the performance of multi-choral works.

Europäisches Hanse-Ensemble 2021, Konzert im Dom zu Lübeck, © Olaf Malzahn
European Hanseatic Ensemble 2021, concert at Dom zu Lübeck, © Olaf Malzahn