Music of the Hanseatic cities
Vol. 2: Music from Old Gdańsk

Works by Kaspar Förster d. J. (1616-1673), Crato Büttner (1616-1679), Paul
Siefert (1586-1666), Johann Wanning (1537-1603), Marcin Mielczewski (ca.
1600-1651) and more

Label: CPO, DDD, 2023
Catalogue number: 11576886
Date of release: 21 March 2024

Press reviews:

“The performers know how to convey the splendour and fervour of these compositions to a modern age whose understanding of music is not primarily oriented towards religious influences.” (Klassik Heute recommendation 3 June 2024)

Music of the Hanseatic cities
Vol. 1: Music from the Old Stralsund

Works by Johann Vierdanck (1605–1646), Caspar Movius (1610–1671), Eucharius Hoffmann (1540–1588)

Label: CPO, DDD, 2022
Catalogue number: 11164033
Date of release: 30 May 2023

Press reviews:

“Sovereignty and fervour – only an extraordinary artistic personality like Manfred Cordes can unite these two qualities, which can rarely be mentioned in the same breath, in such a way that they create an intimate fusion that inspires a top-class group of musicians in a unique way and draws the listening audience under the spell of centuries-old sounds.” (Klassik Heute recommendation 31 July 2023)

“[…] the European Hanseatic Ensemble led by Cordes offers the highest level of support for young musicians, prepares them for life as independent artists in addition to the genuine musical work in the exchange between all participants, arranges contacts, and of course also repertoire and style studies – a real treasure, a splendid platform is offered. […] A beautiful prelude to a hopefully more extensive series […] And a musical pleasure as well.” ( magazine September 2023)

“What Manfred Cordes and his very real ‘European Hanseatic Ensemble’ have recorded here is simply impressive – in terms of the music, but also in terms of the interpretation. It is a pure joy to listen to all the strings, cornettos and trombones – and a harmonious vocal ensemble that sounds choral despite the soloist line-up.” ( 03.02.2024)